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These short videos convey important information about fire safety, child safety, home safety and crime prevention.

Taken from the ITS Glasgow "Stay Safe Scotland" DVD, they can be used to accompany the ITS Glasgow ESOL packs (available here). All videos © 2011 ITS Glasgow.


Crime Prevention
Video 1: Burglary - view
Video 2: Cash Machine - view


Fire Safety Video 3: Deep Fat Fryer - view
Video 4: Smoke Alarm - view
Video 5: Straighteners - view
Video 6: High Rise Flats - view
Video 7: Sockets - view
Video 8: Smoking - view
Video 9: Escaping a Fire - view


Child Safety
Video 10: Bathroom - view
Video 11: Kitchen - view
Video 12: Candles - view
Video 13: Locked Out - view
Video 14: Road Safety - view


At Home Video 15: Noise Pollution - view
Video 16: Lightbulb - view
Video 17: Cooking - view
Video 18: Domestic Litter - view


Water Safety
Video 19: Water Safety - view




Sound files with accompanying worksheets


Level A2/L2 (zip, 53Mb)

Level A3/INT4 (zip, 74Mb)

Level INT1/INT2 (zip, 10Mb)

Level L1/L2 (zip, 17Mb)

Level L2/L3/A2/A3 (zip, 57Mb)

Level L3/A3 (zip, 12Mb)

Level L4/INT1 (zip, 25Mb)

Level L5/L6 (zip, 6Mb)


Useful image resources


Health and Safety (zip, 9b)

Medical practice (zip, 2Mb)

Parking (zip, 5Mb)

Post Office (zip, 3Mb)

Road Signs (zip, 13Mb)

Shop Fronts (zip, 12Mb)

Shopping (zip, 29Mb)

Shops (zip, 20Mb)

Signs (zip, 13Mb)

Town (zip, 22Mb)

Train Station (zip, 7Mb)



To assist with engaging students in their learning experience, SPARQS have developed a training programme for class representatives. This was developed in collaboration with Edinburgh College. You can download it for classroom use or contact SPARQS for more information. SPARQS class representative training for ESOL learners.



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