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Welcome Package: Learn English for living and working in Scotland


Welcome PackageThe Welcome Package was originally part of the the Welcome Package for Migrant Workers, an online resource and mentoring project.


The Welcome Package for Migrant Workers aimed to promote mobility of workers in Europe. It aimed to make workers' integration into a host country and its workplaces easier by preparing them from their country of origin, and creating a network to help these workers settle into new jobs.


This online resource is for anyone living in or thinking of moving to Scotland.


Each section contains information and language learning exercises, mostly using Scottish speakers in audio and video based tasks.


There are sections on:

Click on the links above or below to go and find information you need about working and settling in Scotland including links to other useful UK websites.


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The project is funded by the European Commission's Lifelong Learning Programme - Grundtvig Multilateral Partnerships sub programme.


European Commission's Lifelong Learning Programme